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Why The Mandarin needed to be portrayed as he was in Iron Man 3


or, why the MCU didn’t ruin your favorite supervillain.

below the cut: Iron Man 3 spoilers, discussion of cultural appropriation, narrative arc, and analysis of how ridiculously, wonderfully meta the advertising scheme of IM3 was.

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Is He In Love With You In A Really Creepy Obsessive Way, Or Is He Just A World Class Consulting Detective? A Gameshow Featuring Sherlock Holmes and Marcus Bell

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the most holy of all personality types

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ladies who should be playing mythical head bitches in charge | ANTONIA THOMAS as HELEN OF TROY, the spartan queen who defied the kingdom of her father, who eloped with the prince of troy, whose decision leveled a city and launched the greatest war in legend.

She had been the prize of men her whole life, sullied by men, caged by men, given, given, always given. Helen of Sparta was a queen who was beholden to the basest peasantry; Helen of Troy shall be a goddess on earth. Choice, choice, she chants as she boards the ship with the bright eyed youth. Let them come, she thinks, and smiles. Let them come for their queen; let them come for their idol and their star, let them come for the mirage of a woman perfect beyond measure. Let them break their spears on the walls of Troy, let them break their spines beneath Trojan swords. You made me into a goddess, she thinks. And a goddess demands blood.



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And the last one, I promise. I love the Beta Trio.


Also, for the record, I love love love Erica’s legs in this.  Girl’s got MUSCLE.

My delight cannot be textually rendered. 

kalsdjfl oh my god, I love this!



God how amazing would it be if Elementary has one scene where Holmes and Watson are walking up the steps outside the corporate office of some company called Reichenbach Industries and Sherlock trips and falls on his face then picks himself up and goes “it’s okay I’m fine”

Can someone get me the number of whoever is showrunner for Elementary right now please

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Stiles’ real name is Slim Shffmady you heard it here first. High Res.

in other news I’ve lost control of my life.

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20 ways to survive in a horror movie.





A quick run-down should you ever find yourself trapped in a horror movie and would prefer to live to tell the tale.

1. Don’t have sex.

  • Seriously
  • Abstinence is key.

2. Don’t go out with people you’ve just met that day.

  • I don’t care how good he says his weed is
  • he is cuckoo bananas
  • and he wants you dead.

3. Don’t go to camp. Especially one where someone was murdered.

  • There are six words you should YouTube, should you get the chance
  • “Kevin Bacon in Friday the 13th”

4. Find a good hiding place and… STAY. THERE.

  • If the killer can’t see you or hear you WHY WOULD YOU MOVE?
  • Possibly the easiest rule to follow and, ironically enough, the easiest to break.

5. Always wear sensible shoes, ‘cause you never know when you’ll need to run through the woods.

  • Someone will always be barefoot
  • Or in heels
  • Or just plain clumsy
  • And will sprain their ankles
  • And die.

6. If the town looks deserted, it’s probably because everyone is dead.

  • Don’t walk around looking for people
  • House of Wax, anyone?

7. Don’t be a hero.

  • Unless you’re name is Harry Fucking Potter, you will die.
  • Hell, maybe even then.
  • I mean.

8. If you hear something creepy in the distance, like a dog’s yelp cut off mid-bark, don’t investigate.

  • The killer is there.
  • Also your dog is dead.

9. Always check the backseat before entering your vehicle.

  • The last thing you need is to be killed while trying to merge on the expressway.

10. If your car breaks down in front of a dilapidated gas station, don’t ask a sketchy-looking townie for help.

  • Some part of your body will wind up in his pick-up truck

11. Don’t go into the basement.

  • They are creepy enough without you dying in one.

12. If you’re trying to buy a house and the real estate agent won’t answer any direct questions about either the history of the home or the previous tenants, DO NOT MOVE IN.

  • At some point, someone in the house heard voices and cracked.

13. Turn off the television (and run away) if a girl crawls out of it.

  • It is obviously your wisest choice.
  • SEE ALSO: poltergeist, daughter trapped in tv because of.

14. If the walls of your house bleed, do not attempt an exorcism. 

  • Move very very far away
  • Because there’s blood on your walls.
  • Blood.
  • Your
  • Walls
  • Are 
  • Bleeding.

15. Don’t act like a detective.

  • Some crazy Japanese kid who meows like a cat will attack you in a closet.
  • If you live, awesome story to tell your friend, right?
  • But if you die, it is like the opposite of awesome.

16. Google the location you’ll be vacationing at.

  • If more than five reports for “Missing Persons” pops up, you know not to go there.
  • Issue. Solved.

17. Don’t get drunk. Or come under the influence of any mind-altering drug.

  • Running away from a killer is that much harder when you’re tipsy and giggling.

18. If you see someone in a mask, don’t assume it’s one of your friends playing a trick on you to scare you.

  • It is the killer.
  • ALSO: laughing while saying, “Tommy, is that you in that stupid mask? Oh, I’m so-o-o-o-o scared!” is not conducive to your surviving.
  • Killers are very sensitive about their disguises.

19. Don’t take a shower.

  • It’s past midnight at the campground you and your sorority sisters are staying at or
  • The lock to the door doesn’t work and you hear creepy piano music


20. If the call is coming from inside the house, get out.

  • Clearly the killer is not outside, now is he

I love this.

Look, if I ever find myself in what appears to be a horror movie situation, I’m going to don a black tanktop with maximum cleavage, acquire some very badass weapon (a supersoaker full of gasoline and a lighter will do nicely, if I can’t find a chainsaw or something quickly. Machete is also a go. As long as it’s big and ostentatious and preferably loud, explodey, or on fire) and start making horrible one-liner quips before and after everything I do. I will try my level best to drive recklessly in cool looking cars and make shit explode. If I can find a small child who is conveniently mute to carry on my shoulders and protect in a vicious mamabear fashion, all the better.

Because the easiest way to survive a horror movie is to switch genres.

Moniquill has just won the internet, everyone go home.

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Times when my Facebook feed actually knows whats up.

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Head Canon: The Avengers and Interviews


Anonymous asked:  Okay, after the Fox News incident, I have to ask, how do the Avengers do on press interviews?

The Avengers are made up of a sharp-tongued billionaire with a short fuse, an easily insulted God, a traumatized scientist with BREATHTAKING anger management issues, a sullen and smart mouthed sniper, a spy with a cloaked past and the ability to kill with a look and Steve Rogers.

How the hell do you think interviews go?

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scott mccall’s life is an example of what happens when you go outside. 

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what if every god in every religion exists

like egyptian, hindu, and greek gods alike are all chillin on some clouds

and since every deity has something to control in the mortal world they get into fights on whos turn it is to do the job since there’s more than one

“Helios it’s my turn to rise the sun”

“Ra for the last fucking time you did it last week”

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