shirley-nomates replied to your post: Friend: 2012 has been good to me.Me: Same, it gave…

Summer 2012 gave me Teen Wolf. Summer 2011 gave me Tiger & Bunny. I’m really looking forward to Summer 2013, who knows what i’m going to discover.

Probably some show we’ll initially think looks stupid only to look up and it’s taken over our lives. That’s been 2012 in a nutshell, pretty much.

But god I’m laughing at how different my summer 2012 was from my summer 2011. Like I honestly think I went on the internet like five hours a week that summer and only watched the first three seasons of west wing. I read things, like non-fanfic things. Like the nytimes and novels and shit, what the fuck. I’d like to blame my descent into fandom madness on Teen Wolf. So I will.

  1. cautiousamber said: eeeeh this is so great. i’ve basically followed the same pattern of obsessive time spent watching tv and interneting since 7th grade, with varying amounts of anime.
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